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Payment & Office Policies:

Endodontic fees are determined by several factors, such as the particular tooth involved and its condition, the number of canals in the tooth , and the condition of the canals. 

For your convenience, we accept Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card, Discover and CareCredit. Click here to get more information about  our partnership with CareCredit payment plans. 


As a courtesy, we will complete and file your insurance forms. We ask that you pay an estimated portion of the fee (your co-payment) at the time of service. Upon receipt of payment from your insurance, we will reimburse you for any overage, or alternatively, bill you for any balance not covered by your insurance. 
Richard J. Dellork, D.D.S.
Practice Limited to Endodontics
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Richard J. Dellork, D.D.S
Practice Limited to Endodontics


Enjoy Quick, Pain-Free Care . . . in as Little as an Hour

The more you know about endodontic treatment, the less anxious you will be. Dr. Dellork is committed to putting patients at ease and carefully explaining what to expect.

First and foremost, a referral to our practice does not mean that you will automatically need treatment. Your dentist may turn to us for ancillary services such as a case consultation or a diagnostic second opinion.

Should you require treatment, Dr. Dellork will perform a comprehensive exam. Even though your dentist may have recommended a root canal, the exam is still necessary to ensure that no underlying conditions will affect the usual treatment regimen.

He then will thoroughly discuss the process before commencing work; answering your questions as well as alleviating your concerns. Treatment is often done at the same appointment and in one convenient visit whenever possible. After the treatment, he will monitor your progress and provide pain management if necessary. You will then be instructed to return to your dentist for restorative care as soon as possible.

This last step is crucial. We prepare the tooth/teeth thoroughly and comfortably so that your dentist can complete your restorative care and ensure the longevity and health of your tooth/teeth. Prolonging completion of the treatment will result in future problems and possible tooth loss. You’ve come this far, so be sure to finish the restorative work with your dentist.

Technologies such as the operating microscope enable Dr. Dellork to zero in on a precise diagnosis and determine the best treatment course.

Digital radiography's sharp, precise imaging (which detect clinical information not visible on traditional x-rays) allows the patient to be an active participant in understanding their course of treatment. 

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